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Fibre Optic Cabling

We can provide you with some of the most advanced fibre optic cabling solutions available to insure maximum bandwidth, including multi-story and campus backbones. [find out more]

Data Cabling Solutions

We understand the importance of todays networking and communication systems; that understanding means we provide the best in class data cabling solutions for your needs. [find out more]

IP Camera Solutions

Traditional CCTV systems are a thing of the past, COMM-ENG provides the latest in IP Camera technology to meet your security system requirements. Ask us about an on-site assessment and find out what IP camera solution is right for you. [find out more]

Telephone Systems

Wether it is one telephone outlet in a residential premise to an entire office fit-tout with patchable voice and data services we can do it for you. If you need VoIP integrated into your existing phone system then ask us about an IP telephony solution today. [find out more]