Video Surveillance / IP Cameras

Surveillance systems come in all shapes and sizes. Comm-Eng can help you determine what is best for your needs and take you through all the specific steps necessary to bring your system up to today’s standards. Comm-Eng provides solutions that are expandable and customized, considering future business and development.

IP Camera Security vs. Analogue CCTV

Network IP cameras have been around for over a decade now. Only recently, cabling installers have begun to pay attention to the technology, because surveillance cameras have traditionally run on separate coaxial cable. Around the year 2000, the first digital IP camera was connected directly to a data network which changed the future of the surveillance camera industry.

As an active ASIAL member and holding the appropriate accreditations we have positioned ourselves in a unique position to provide outstanding service to our customers nationwide.

Having partnerships with the world’s leading IP Surveillance software and hardware manufacturers means  we have the support and resources to provide you with the best possible solution available